SSAGO at Wintercamp 2016

Alex Moore (National SSAGO)

Wednesday 3rd of February 2016

Here's what we got up to promoting SSAGO at the National Scout Wintercamp this January.

SSAGO made its annual appearance at Wintercamp this January. We go to Wintercamp every year to help out, and also talk to explorers and leaders about what SSAGO is, and how much fun it is! This year we had a lot of new recruits (as well as a few old hands) helping out, which was great.

We were there to run the backwoods cooking, offering chocolate bananas and oranges as well as dough twists. We were joined again this year by our friends over at the Queen's Scout Working Party, whose campfire popcorn is always a big hit! The fire on Sunday proved to be more of a challenge than the day before, but with perseverance, ingenuity, and the liberal application of flammable gel, we were soon underway!

Yet it’s not all work and no play. SSAGO attended the campfire that evening, helping to get things going with our enthusiasm and loud voices, and we don’t let a little thing like there being only one participant there at the start stop us from having a sing-song. After that SSAGO attempted the leaders quiz. We made a good effort, but our difficulties with recognising old tv programmes (not to mention our resident welshmen not knowing that Anglesey is also a county!) let us down.