SSAGO Spring EGM 2023 Results

Jack Woodward (National SSAGO)

Saturday 29th of April 2023

The National SSAGO Handover Committee are pleased to announce the results of SSAGO’s Spring EGM 2023!

The National SSAGO Handover Committee are pleased to announce the results of SSAGO’s Spring EGM 2023! We’d like to thank everyone who nominated themselves, and everyone who submitted an event bid. The nominations were all of a high quality, and we were especially delighted to see the range of events putting themselves forward!

We’d also like to thank SAGGA, and in particular Nathan Reeves, for acting as Returning Officer for the EGM – we’ve asked for a lot of Returning Officer’s over the last year, so it’s nice that SAGGA are still able to provide them!


And so, the election results, as certified by the Returning officer:


Treasurer: William Burrows (MSAGM Aber SSAGO)

William Burrows: 104

Re-Open Nominations: 3

Abstain: 1


Autumn Rally 2024: Leeds of the Rings Rally

Leeds of the Rings Rally: 65

Mystery Rally: 22

Year in a Weekend: 22

Re-Open Nominations: 0


Associate Rep: Rhys Peploe (LSSAGO)

Rhys Peploe: 9

Re-Open Nominations: 0

Abstain: 0


Indie Rep: Alex Hendon

Alex Hendon: 6

Re-Open Nominations: 1

Abstain: 0


SSAGO Membership Fees

SSAGO Membership Fees have remained constant for many years. However, with the increase in inflation and many other costs, and the heavy financial pressure experienced across many SSAGO committees this past year, Exec believes this fee must be increased in order to remain sustainable.

As a current member of SSAGO, you have paid a £4 membership fee to National SSAGO (or £7 if you have graduated); this was most likely included within your Club's membership fee, which is passed on to National SSAGO in a lump sum appropriate for the number of members during December. This fee is used to cover SSAGO's large insurance costs, as well as providing the web infrastructure we all use, and assisting clubs and events.

In order to enable SSAGO to continue to cover these costs over the coming years, National Exec proposed an increase in membership fees by £2, bringing the total yearly fee to £6 per student member and £9 per associate member. This will also permit greater expenditure on supporting events, and clubs traveling to events.


This proposal was adopted at the EGM, with a breakdown of the votes as follows:

Accept: 66

Reject: 9

Abstain: 1

With that EGM out of the way, we look forward to working with everyone who has been elected, and especially to not running any more EGM’s this year!